Every member of the Revity team takes pride in our work.  This is why we stay involved with our projects long after construction in order to ensure each of our facilities safely maintains peak performance through preventative, predictive, and corrective operation and maintenance strategies.


Each individual system is closely monitored and maintained to ensure its crisp appearance throughout the project’s lifetime.  By responding quickly to potential issues, we minimize downtime, maximize system performance, and assure community safety.

Why is Operation and Maintenance important?

We strive to build systems with the highest quality standards and a close attention to detail, while also recognizing that each system requires a unique plan to properly preserve its efficiencies and presentation. Most importantly, preventative and corrective maintenance minimizes safety risks and maximizes the benefit to our communities.

How do we monitor our systems?

Revity utilizes state of the art monitoring systems that immediately alert our team members if a particular system is impacted.

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